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Written and Choreographed by Fanny Soriano | Cie Libertivore

Circus, France

The language of the circus and dance movement highlight the physical potential of the acrobatic body as performers are confronted by a landscape in transformation. Circus and danced movement induce a slow metamorphosis of humans and organic matter, as performers confront nature, accompany it, dodge it, collide, and merge with it. Nothing here has a beginning or an end, but is part of a continuum.

From Fanny Soriano
“The idea for Fractales was born about ten years ago: to create a work for me to perform, dedicated to my children, to give them a positive perspective of the world without being in denial about the ways it was changing. I was inspired by a quote from Coline Serreau: ‘Chaos is full of hope because it announces a rebirth.’ Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when I began to feel pain in my body and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that halted my career as an acrobatic dancer. I suddenly found my idea of chaos and positive change to be a big lie. I was only able to feel injustice and anger. I burned my creation notebook and abandoned Fractales. Then I slowly started to direct shows. I discovered that I loved to direct, to work with other circus artists, to show what I wanted to share with the world. This happy transformation would never have happened to me without this tragic breakup, and with it came a desire to take up Fractales again, having gone through a profoundly chaotic transformation that gave me an access to myself that I would not have discovered otherwise. I am so happy to share it with audiences more than ever.”





Cie Libertivore

Photography by Loic Nys
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