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U.S. Premiere

In The Fire

Femmes Du Feu Creations | Concept, created and performed by Holly Treddenick | Original score by John Gzowski | Directed by Monica Dottor


“Femmes du Feu, artists are, as the name suggests, all women, has set itself the guiding principle of combining circus arts and contemporary dance in innovative ways.” —LERÉGIONAL.COM

Memories, trauma, self-discovery, aging, and love. In The Fire is a solo dance/aerial circus show about Holly Treddenick’s father, based on his experience as a firefighter. The production uses rescue equipment as invented apparatuses—including boots, a rope loop, and an aerial ladder.

Many rescue workers experience trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in their line of work. This research is only beginning to be discussed and acknowledged. The more we bring these issues forward, the more we can transform them and ourselves.

FdFC creates performance work through collaboration with artists across disciplines, combining contemporary circus with artistic curiosity, risk and reflection, aiming to create authentic, experimental and intelligent works, exploring outside the edges of the genre.

The movement vocabulary, discovered on the floor, on the apparatus, and in between. Working with the apparatus is similar to working with a dance partner, sometimes low to the ground with parts of the body still in contact with the ground. Contemporary circus is a divergence from the traditional 3-ring circus we know from the past, now more aligned with the current contemporary dance genre.


In The Fire

Femmes Du Feu Creations

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Choral composition commissioned by PEAK Performances at Montclair State University. In The Fire received preliminary support from the MICC Working Group on Circus Commissioning (TOHU, Montréal), an international consortium dedicated to advancing new circus globally.

Programs in this season were made possible, in part, by the Alexander Kasser Theater Endowment Fund, PEAK Patrons, and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. 

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Date: November 12
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Organizer Name: Arts & Cultural Programming