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by Netta Yerushalmy

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Captured at the Alexander Kasser Theater, March 2022

Dance, USA

“Ms. Yerushalmy’s work melds daring ideas with lush movement that makes space for nuance and detail.” –The New York Times

MOVEMENT is the new evening-length work from Netta Yerushalmy that synthesizes over one hundred citations from an expansive range of dances across genres and cultures. It is a radical quilt of borrowed material that stretches the idea of pluralism until it almost snaps.The project features a new score by award-winning composer Paula Matthusen and is performed by dancers hailing from Korea, Senegal, Israel, Taiwan, and across the USA.

This piece follows Yerushalmy’s last major work, PARAMODERNITIES, a six-part series generated through reverently and violently dissecting iconic modern choreographies, provoking dynamic conversations with the troubled legacies of the past. Following the work’s premiere, Dance Magazine wrote an article titled “Netta Yerushalmy is changing our view of modern masterpieces.”

MOVEMENT is a continuation of Yerushamly’s practice of repurposing, reorienting, and re-contextualizing dance, spinning fragments of seemingly unrelated works into an enthralling new whole. This new maximalist performance shines light on dance as an inevitable and unifying force in a brittle and confused world.

Netta Yerushalmy is a New York-based choreographer, originally from Galilee, Israel. Based in New York City since 2000, her work aims to engage with audiences by imparting the sensation of things as they are perceived, not as they are known, and to challenge how meaning is attributed and constructed. Read More


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Photos by Marina Levitskaya
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Distant Dance Demonstration Phase II:VIDEO

new york times
March 24, 2021 | New York Times: “Watching From a Distance: What Gives a Virtual Dance Life?”

Alexei Ratmansky returns to the stage with a playful Bernstein ballet, while Netta Yerushalmy revives a darker moment in time.

bomb magazine
April 29, 2020 | BOMB Magazine: “Netta Yerushalmy by Jack Halberstam”

The performances are mesmerizing and jarring, familiar and odd all at once. As the scholars roam among the dancers, they theorize movement and gesture as it happens, allowing for the usual distinctions between theory and practice, speech and silence, and thought and action to collapse. Paramodernities is something entirely new, built upon the ruins of aesthetic practices that have become part of a modern vocabulary of expressive culture.

new york times
August 6, 2018 | New York Times: “Netta Yerushalmy’s Cabinet of Dance Curiosities”

The choreographer Netta Yerushalmy has invented a recipe for her latest work, “Paramodernities”: Take six classic dances. Chop them up.

dance magazine
August 6, 2018 | Dance Magazine: “Netta Yerushalmy is Changing the Way We Look at Balanchine. And Fosse. And Ailey.”

In Paramodernities, Netta Yerushalmy deconstructs dance masterworks and presents their movement alongside scholarly essays that contextualize them. Yerushalmy has had a sterling dance career, working with Doug Varone’s company and freelancing with notables like Joanna Kotze, as well as making her own dances.

the new yorker
November 15, 2014 | The New Yorker: “Netta Yerushalmy’s Perfect Dance”

Sometimes everything about a dance performance seems right. It’s never apparent beforehand, in a verbal description of the choreography, the collaborators, and the dancers; and it’s not necessarily discernible in the first minutes of a piece.



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