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World Premiere


by Netta Yerushalmy

Dance/Theater, USA

“Ms. Yerushalmy’s work melds daring ideas with lush movement that makes space for nuance and detail.” –The New York Times

MOVEMENT follows Yerushalmy’s most recent major work, Paramodernities, a six-part series generated through reverently and violently dissecting iconic modern choreographies. The project explored tenets of modern discourse–sovereignty, race, sexuality, disability–with contributions by scholars from different fields, and was created explicitly in order to provoke dynamic conversations with the past and its legacies. In MOVEMENT, existing dances are again quoted (this time from a vast array of sources) and pieced together into an intricate and elaborate quilt with radical and surprising results. By plucking (stealing) short movements and placing them outside of their original contexts, Yerushalmy repurposes them, re-orients them, and perhaps re-cultures them.



dance magazine
August 10, 2021 | Dance Magazine: “Emerging From the Pandemic With an Epic Marathon Solo”

The loose plan was that maybe, just maybe, I’d start playing with it in May, after Heidi Latsky Dance completed our eight-day bubble residency for Montclair State University’s PEAK Performances series, and we’d see where it went.



Programs in this season are made possible in part by the Alexander Kasser Theater Endowment Fund, PEAK Patrons, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the FACE Foundation, and the Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

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Date: March 19
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Organizer Name: Arts & Cultural Programming