Transition for The College of the Arts

Transition for The College of the Arts

Jedediah Wheeler Stepping Down

After eighteen years of presenting groundbreaking performances in theater, dance, music, and video through the acclaimed PEAK Performances series, Jedediah Wheeler has stepped down as the Executive Director of the Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University, effective July 1, 2022.

“Jed Wheeler’s vision and passion have brought to the Alexander Kasser Theater work that simply could not be seen anywhere else,” said Daniel Gurskis, Dean of the College of the Arts. “Under his leadership, PEAK Performances has become synonymous with productions that defy expectation and stir the imagination.”

Wheeler’s departure coincides with a restructuring that will eliminate the executive director role and replace it with two new positions: one responsible for arts and cultural programming and the other overseeing operations of the performing arts venues across the campus.

“There has been no shortage of challenges for the performing arts over the past two years,” noted Gurskis, “but we remain committed to bringing the highest quality live entertainment to a diverse audience from the university and the community. These organizational changes will ensure we are ready to meet that goal.”

A national search is underway for the newly created position of Director of Arts and Cultural Programming, while J. Ryan Graves, current Director of Production for the Kasser Theater, has been tapped to head the new Department of Performance Operations. To assist in the transition, Wheeler will serve as Artistic Director of the PEAK Performances Series through the end of 2022.

The PEAK Performance’s season has been confirmed for 2022-23. For more information, visit the Arts + Cultural Programming calendar.