Student Discount


All Montclair State students get one (1) prepaid ticket per production. Students need to arrange for their ticket in person at the Alexander Kasser Theater Box Office window by showing their Montclair State Student ID and providing a University email address and phone number. Prepaid student tickets cannot be secured over the phone or online currently.


Faculty and Staff Discount

We hope you’ll view the opportunity to attend events presented by PEAK Performances as one of the benefits of belonging to the Montclair State University campus community, and we look forward to seeing you during the season!

  • All Montclair State University Faculty and Staff tickets for PEAK Performances events are priced at $35 representing a $5 discount per ticket.
  • Limited to two tickets per performance at the $35 rate.
  • Current and retired faculty and staff are eligible.
  • To qualify, your employee status must be verified by providing an ID card.
  • Limited two per event and based on availability – additional tickets to any one performance are at full price.
  • To purchase tickets, please visit the Alexander Kasser Theater Box Office, Monday through Friday from 12 PM – 6 PM, or contact the Box office to set up an account at or call 973-655-5112.

    Curriculum Connections

    Curriculum Connections is a valuable educational tool that offers students tickets to PEAK events when they are included in a Montclair State University course. Faculty members are encouraged to utilize Curriculum Connections to enhance their coursework by providing exposure to world-renowned artists. It accommodates various disciplines by showcasing music, dance, theater, film, and speakers’ performances. This platform enables faculty to select presentations that will enrich their course content.

    Faculty members and teaching assistants are eligible for a complimentary ticket if their class attends a PEAK event through Curriculum Connections. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with students outside the traditional classroom setting. Submitting a request in advance is essential for those considering incorporating a PEAK event into their coursework. This allows us to accommodate your class and ensure seamless integration of the event into your curriculum. Please send your request with a class list of student names, email addresses, phone numbers, and your class syllabus for our records to

    Please Keep in Mind:

  • Ticket quantities are limited and are based on availability.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once we confirm that tickets are available.
  • Curriculum Connections tickets are for use by students in the class only. One ticket per student in the class is guaranteed only until the redemption deadline is assigned upon approval of the request.