The Cultural Engagement Program of the Office of Arts and Cultural Programming (ACP) at Montclair State University involves both on- and off-campus communities in creative and intellectually stimulating education events that connect audiences with the work of artists from around the globe.

Engagement Events


Be curious! Ask a question, get an insider’s view, learn the story behind the story at sessions of our discussion series. Free and open to all.

First Impressions

Audiences and artists come together to share reflections and responses immediately following select Saturday evening performances.

Sneak Peeks

Good conversation goes with good food on select Thursdays at 6 p.m. as artists, writers, and thinkers offer insight and behind-the-scenes looks into our exciting productions.

Art & Society

This series explores the vital role of the arts in illuminating contemporary social and political issues.



Campus Collaborations

ACP collaborates with faculty and staff to connect Peak Performances to co-curricular programs in all colleges of Montclair State University. Peak Performances artists participate in discussions, workshops, and master classes that support teaching and learning across academic disciplines.

Artists in Residence

The PeARL (Performing Arts Research Laboratory) initiative provides innovative artists with the resources to create a work during an extended residency on the Montclair State campus. The selected artists open their process in an exchange with students, faculty, and staff through discussions, lectures, workshops and open rehearsals.

Creative Thinking

A signature initiative, the Creative Thinking project is an interdisciplinary course based on the core premise that it is possible to develop tools and approaches to foster innovative thinking. Guest artists and thinkers collaborate with course faculty to lead the class in hands-on activities designed to help students synthesize an experiential and theoretical understanding of creative processes across disciplines.

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