Podcast: The Talking CureConversations with Jed Wheeler

“The Talking Cure” are informal conversations between Montclair State University’s Executive Director for Arts + Cultural Programming Jedediah Wheeler and innovative artists and administrators from PEAK Performances’ local and worldwide community. This series of podcasts highlight issues that expand our appreciation of the contemporary performing arts experience as told by creative practitioners.
Produced by The Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University.

Ep. 19. The Talking Cure: Simone Dinnerstein

Jedediah Wheeler asks Simone Dinnerstein to reflect on the genesis and development process for the PEAK Performances commissioned work The Eye is the First Circle. He and Dinnerstein converse on her expanded view of her career now as a renowned concert pianist and recording artist to her successful pursuits into a wide range of collaborative projects.

This podcast is produced by PEAK Performances and the Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University.

Ep 18. The Talking Cure: Heidi Latsky

Jedediah Wheeler and choreographer Heidi Latsky talk about her PEAK Plus film ON DISPLAY. Latsky illuminates her artistic journey to date that began by simply asking what is a dance body(?) and now looking at bodies as sculpture in ON DISPLAY. Latsky and Wheeler probe the terms “unexpected bodies” and the inherent beauty of her dancers while performing. She also talks about the international impact and evolving responses over the years from her audiences.

Recorded in New York City on September 23, 2021.

Ep 17. The Talking Cure: David Gordon and Valda Setterfield

David Gordon and Valda Setterfield talk about art & life in the context of 60 years working and living together from the early days (now known as the Postmodern Dance Movement.) They talk with long-time collaborator Jedediah Wheeler in their Soho loft about their shared history as well as David Gordon’s new film work created for PEAK Plus, The New Adventures of Old David (What Happened 1978-2021.)

Recorded on June 16, 2021.

Ep 16. The Talking Cure: The Mathematics of Juggling

In this episode of The Talking Cure: Conversations with Jedediah Wheeler, Mathematics professor Mika Munakata and the Chair of the Mathematics Department at Montclair State University, Ashwin Vaidya, discussed their research paper Inspiring Mathematical Creativity through Juggling. An exciting collaboration with the brilliant juggler and director Sean Gandini and the Office of Arts + Cultural Programming explores the connection between science and juggling. The work seeks to encourage students’ creative thinking, including non-STEM majors, to see mathematics in unexpected places, make connections to their own interests and disciplines, and explore creativity in mathematics.

Recorded remotely via Zoom on December 1, 2020.

Ep 15. The Talking Cure: Raphaëlle Boitel

In this episode of THE TALKING CURE, Raphaëlle Boitel, the French contemporary circus artists reflects about her dystopian work “When Angels Fall” presented in Montclair State in 2019, her life during the pandemic and a new work that celebrates women’s strength in circus: a tryptic and self portrait.

Recorded remotely via Zoom on September 1, 2020.

Ep 14. The Talking Cure: Kristy Geslain | ALL ARTS

In this episode of The Talking Cure, Kristy Geslain, Senior Producer at ALL ARTS, the New York Emmy® Award-winning arts and culture hub created by WNET, talks about its innovative partnership with MSU’s PEAK Performances bringing the world’s best contemporary artists to HD broadcasting and on-line streaming. Hear about the upcoming launch of this groundbreaking programming initiative presented everywhere via PEAK Plus, starting with FALLING & LOVING by Anne Bogart, Elizabeth Streb, and Charles Mee.

Recorded remotely via Zoom on September 11, 2020.

Ep 13. The Talking Cure: Robyn Orlin

In this episode of The Talking Cure, the dancer, choreographer and theater maker Robyn Orlin, first generation South African Jewish woman and mother currently in Berlin during the lockdown, reflects about her past and present work addressing the issues of colonialism and Aids epidemic in South Africa and also celebrating the beauty of African dances and people. “I am completely shaped from where I come from” she said. About the Covid-19 pandemic she commented: “I actually had to stop everything and take a very very good look at where I am in the world. And its been a very confusing time for me”…“It Is important to use the structures of the theatre to say what needs to be said…I don’t have an answer…but I know I can’t stop talking about it”

Robyn Orlin, a visionary artist and provocateur not afraid of long titles, presented ‘Walking next to our shoes intoxicated by strawberries and cream, we enter continents without knocking… in 2011 and At the same time we pointed a finger at you we realized we were pointing three at ourselves… along with the Senegalese company Jant-Bi in 2015 at the Alexander Kasser Theater in Montclair State University.

Recorded remotely on August 6, 2020.

Ep 12. The Talking Cure: David Roussève

In 2014 PEAK Performances co-commissioned Stardust, choreographed, written, and directed by David Roussève. The piece follows an African American gay teenager who with the emotion-laden tweets and text messages he sends explores the evolving nature of intimacy in our technology-driven, furiously paced world. In this conversation, David Roussève revisits Stardust in relation to the overwhelming virtuality of life in Coronavirus lockdown, the importance of telling stories of the disfranchised, but asking himself what else to do at this moment of personal and social introspection.

Recorded remotely on June 25, 2020.

Ep 11. The Talking Cure: Michael Vogel and Gianni Bettucci | Familie Flöz

In this episode of the Talking Cure two member of Familie Flöz join our video call from Germany and talk about the tendency of using failure, antiheroes and comedy in their physical theater, the use of masks on stage in times of Covid-19 and what gives them hope for change in this “fiasco we are in now”.

Recorded remotely on May 13, via Zoom.

Ep 10. The Talking Cure: Ruth Wikler | TOHU

“Contemporary Circus… is the most exciting experimental art form right now”
– Ruth Wikler

Ruth Wikler discusses Circus Arts before and after Covid-19. She is the Deputy Director of Programming, Circus Arts at TOHU, the North American centre for performance, creativity, experimentation, and convergence of culture, the environment and community involvement and also organizer of the MICC (International Market of Contemporary Circus) an annual event that brings together companies and industry presenters from all continents.

Recorded remotely on May 5, 2020 via Zoom.

Ep 9. The Talking Cure: nora chipaumire

In this episode of the Talking Cure: conversations with Jedediah Wheeler, the fierce Zimbabwean choreographer and performer nora chipaumire revisits the making of her African superhero film AfroPromo #1: KINGLADY, her experiences with race in the United States and “running into the fire” of colonial history in her first opera “The Queen vs Nehanda.”

Recorded remotely on June 11, 2020 via Zoom.

EP8: Kate Soper

In this episode of The Talking Cure, composer, performer, and writer Kate Soper shares her story about life after the ‘shut down’ and the world premiere of The Romance of the Rose at the Alexander Kasser Theater due to COVID-19; how she is staying in touch with collaborators from the Wet Ink Ensemble and her new Youtube quarantine project Unwritten Operas.

Recorded remotely on April 29, via Zoom.

EP7: Stacy Klein | Double Edge Theatre

In this episode theatre artist, and visionary Stacy Klein talks about Double Edge Theatre’s living culture, moving from Boston to a farm in rural Massachusetts, and how she and her ensemble are imagining new ways to stay connected with the community in times of social distancing.

Recorded remotely on April 23, via Zoom.

EP6: Richard Alston

In this episode of The Talking Cure: Conversations with Jed Wheeler, British choreographer Richard Alston talks about his final American engagement in the Alexander Kasser Theater, his knighthood and what inspired him to make dances during this 5O years of career.

Recorded on February 19, 2020 at WMSC Radio.

EP5: Spring | Sean Gandini

In this episode of The Talking Cure: Conversations with Jed Wheeler, the avant-garde virtuosos of Gandini Juggling talks about his juggling career and the upcoming American premiere of SPRING, a collaboration with British choreographer Alexander Whitley

Recorded on December 10, 2019 at WMSC Radio.

EP4: The Auditions | Augusta Read Thomas

Augusta Read Thomas, composer of The Auditions, commissioned by Montclair State University and Peak Performances talks about her collaboration with choreographer, Troy Schumacher for the Martha Graham Dance Company.

This new work has been designed to resonate with Graham’s classic, Appalachian Spring, which turns 75 this year. “America’s foremost new-music group” (Alex Ross), the International Contemporary Ensemble joins the Graham Company for these world-class renditions of new music by Thomas and the original Pulitzer Prize–winning score for Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland.

Recorded on July 31, 2019.

EP3: Appalachian Spring | The Auditions

Janet Eilber, Artistic Director of the Martha Graham Dance Company and choreographer Troy Schumacher speak about the legendary Appalachian Spring in its 75th year anniversary and the new piece commissioned by Peak Performances, The Auditions, with music composed by Augusta Read Thomas.

Recorded on July 31, 2019.

EP2: Last Whispers

Trained in linguistics and philosophy, Lena Herzog is a multimedia artist whose work has been exhibited around the world. Last Whispers, an immersive cinematic experience dedicated to vanishing languages, is the result of Herzog’s ongoing interest in indigenous dialects, which are disappearing at an astonishing rate. By 2050, half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken around the world will fall silent. In Herzog’s oratorio, the historical recordings of more than 40 endangered or lost languages come alive among the echoes of collapsing stars in a work The New Yorker critic Alex Ross calls “haunting and singular.”

Recorded on October 17, 2019.

EP1: Falling & Loving

Anne Bogart, Elizabeth Streb and Charles Mee speak to Peak Performances’ Executive Director Jed Wheeler about their collaboration for the upcoming world premier of “Falling & Loving” at the Alexander Kasser Theatre.

Recorded on Sept 17, 2019.